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The Burqa Heist II: The Burqa Attacks Again


Classical Liberal

What the hell is wrong with these people? I mean that three ways.

First, why would they still support socialized medicine after this?

Second, why wouldn't they just pay themselves to see a dentist? My family has gone to the same dentist since I was a child, and I would say he is in the upper half, at least, of dentists in terms of what he charges. Even so, a check up with cleaning is still less than two hundred dollars, and getting fillings done and so forth perhaps a few hundred more. That's without insurance. If you save monthly for that, it's less than $35 per month for the check ups, which should mean a lot fewer fillings and extractions.

Third, that guy said he had pulled fourteen of his own teeth? How lousy are his brushing and flossing habits that he has lost fourteen teeth? After the first time he pulled one of his teeth, I would have thought that would be a wake up call regarding his own dental care! Perhaps the stereotype of British teeth is spot on!

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