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No Justice in Yemen

Awful news from Armies of Liberation: Does the US Approve of the Pardon of USS Cole Bomber, Al-Badawi?

It's says a lot about the lax, even friendly, attitude to Islamists in Yemen that a terrorist of such magnitude was set free.

The reason the Yemeni administration is partially co-opted by al-Qaeda is that the Afghan Arabs fought for Saleh in the 1994 civil war, after they returned from fighting for bin Laden in Afghanistan. They were later rewarded with state positions. These Bin Laden loyalists are currently in the PSO and the military and in a variety of high level positions, governorships for example.

Ergo, they will not punish their own.



In other words, they made their bed, now they must lay down in it. They just better hope that we never have to clean the sheets...

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