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Hegazy Fights For His Right

Compass Direct via Dhimmi Watch:

Conservative Islamic lawyers came out in support of the Egyptian government last week at the opening court hearing of a Muslim convert to Christianity.


In a move that has caused national uproar, former Muslim Mohammed Ahmed Hegazy is suing Egypt to change the religion listed on his identification papers to Christianity.

Islamist lawyers associated with radical cleric Youssef al-Badry attended the October 2 hearing in Cairo and legally joined the case on the government’s side, Hegazy told Compass.

Apparently this cleric is not familiar with the peaceful nature of Islam.

Al-Badry was one of several clerics who called for Hegazy’s death in Egypt’s national media, following the announcement of the case in early August. The radical Islamist also filed charges of inciting sectarian strife against Hegazy’s original lawyer, Mamdouh Nakhla.

Reread that paragraph to fully appreciate the dementia.

“It’s quite sensitive,” Hegazy’s new lawyer, Rawda Ahmad, told Compass through a translator. “It would be the first time that someone who converted to Christianity would be able to change his ID card.”

Though Egyptian law does not forbid conversion from Islam to Christianity, it provides no legal means to make the change. Converts to Christianity usually hide their identity to avoid torture and forced recantation at the hands of family members and security police.

Of course, the Jews are involved:

Egyptian media have criticized Hegazy in recent months, claiming that his conversion was motivated by money, blackmail, and foreign forces hoping to destabilize Egypt.

It says a lot about the hollow nature of Islam to know that one murtad could be a catalyst for destabilization.



Islam cannot survive if people are allowed to leave it. The more that Muslims begin to see how big of a monster Allah is, and how loving Jesus Christ is, there is no good reason for many of them to remain Muslims. Christianity is the single biggest threat that Islam faces, and the clerics know that, at least on some level. It is kicking Islam's ass in terms of converts around the world, and it would be a terrible blow to them to allow a rise in Christianity in the heart of the Islamic world.

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