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BDS to the Max

Foreign Dispatches:

[...] nowadays supposedly sane, knowledgeable people have no problem openly, seriously stating that the real evils of the world are to be attributed to Bush and Israel, while tyrannies like Syria, Iran, North Korea and Saddam's Iraq are made out as peace-loving innocents passively awaiting the unprovoked wrath of the Big Bad Bush and his "neocon"/"likudnik"/[your preferred euphemism for "Jewish" here] masters. Political insanity must be a highly contagious disease in the Western world today, so widespread has it become.

The core premise has always been there: America is evil. Ergo, whatever and whoever she opposes must be good.


Saul Wall

Regardless of who takes the big brass ring in 2008, come January 2009 there are going to be a lot of angry and defensive Democrats out there because, if a Dem wins president and congress, I for one intend to raise every single BDS argument that I have ever heard wherever it even remotely applicable and if a Republican wins the moonbats will just go insane.

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