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The Varsity via LFG via rain falls on everyone:

The Muslim Students Association at UTSC has ignited a fierce debate on the particulars of halal food on campus, refusing to support a long-awaited halal option at a Bluff’s, a UTSC campus restaurant.

What's so awful about this campus restaurant?

The result of numerous faculty, staff and student requests, the new menu was introduced to the campus on May 29, making all chicken and beef options certified halal. Despite this, many MSA members say that any establishment that also serves alcohol and plays dance music is an unsuitable environment for their dietary needs.

[Emphasis mine.]

What's next? Demanding that U of T close all restaurants during Ramadan to, you know, accommodate their oh-so-sensitive "dietary needs"?

These fanatical Muslims just can't watch others having fun.


David Boxenhorn

I think that even today there are more kosher-eating students in US universities than halal-eating students.

In my day, Kosher students always took it upon themselves to solve their dietary problems (usually through Hillel). Has this changed?

Isaac Schrödinger

I'm not sure if it has changed or not.

The main cafeteria that I went to at my university served some items that were halaal (since I heard a few students specifically order them on occasions). Though, I don't know if there were any kosher foods. I don't remember seeing that. [Update: So, it's likely that the Jewish students don't bug the school about this issue.] Frankly, I didn't pay much attention to it. I just bought stuff that was reasonably priced and somewhat edible.

I remember there were gasps from a Pakistani auntie in Saudi Arabia when she heard that I had been eating non-halaal food for years in the West.


As it has been said, Isaac, you might be a Muslim fundamentalist if you think eating bacon is unclean, but you wipe your ass with your bare left hand... (or in the case of the more civilized ones I knew, washed it over the toilet and got excrement-tainted water all over the toilet seat).

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