The Mindless Charge of Racism
Those Villainous Capitalists!

Achelois Goes for Fitna

She is quite mad:

Yesterday my sister and I shared an elevator with a local couple (we deduced from their conversation that they were married). The woman was dressed in black from head to toe. She wore gloves, socks, and a face veil. When the lift stopped the man pushed back his wife (?) and said, “beautiful ladies first”! Any woman who doesn’t veil her face is seen as free property. She could be Muslim; it doesn’t matter. She is not a free woman; she is a slave of male desire. Incidentally my sister and I were coming from the mosque so we were both wearing hijab which we don’t wear usually. I found the man’s comment deeply insulting but it was worse when he gave my sister his visiting card.

Muslims players are so smooth.



And I see you have not mentioned feet yet ;-)

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