Incredible Strength
"No Homosexuals in Iran"

What the Right Hand Possesses

You've heard about a terrible aspect of Islam from some "Islamophobe". You're not really sure if it's true or not. So, you ask the experts.

Are sexual relations between a female slave and a male master are allowed in islam?

I dont think its true but please prove me right or wrong....

You would think that the 'correct' answer is No but then that would make you a baad Muslim. See, there's actually a lot of nuance to it.

There are a lot of special rules in Islam with regard to slaves, which are not relevent to anyone that is not a slave and does not have a slave. These rules protect the rights of slaves and safeguard their welfare.

So says dhakiyya.

Later, 'asiya follows with this gem:

As i have already explained the muslims captives are treated with dignity and respect, you have to remove all notions of western slavery and prisioners of war from your mind.

It helps if you remove rationality and morality as well.

Link via Jihad Watch.


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