Valid Bias?

West Not 100% Angelic

Kashmiri Nomad:

The common perception amongst a quite few in the western non-Muslim world is that when a Muslim is not trying to murder all the infidels in the world he spends the rest of his time beating seven bells out of his wife.

It's true!

The point of this post is not deny that some Muslims do indeed beat their wives it is however to expose the hypocrisy of those who wish to point the finger of accusation from a position of racial and moral superiority at Muslims while at the same time forgetting the position of spousal abuse in their own societies. A case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The point is asinine.

The core difference between the West and the Islamic world isn't that women aren't abused in the West but that the modern Western state upholds their individual rights. Ergo, if a man is found guilty of abusing a woman, he is punished.

Some husbands do beat their wives in the West, though their vileness isn't sanctioned by the majority religion. Some men do rape women in the West, though local councils don't order that they be raped. And, oddly enough, some women in the West die in a fire, though the police don't push them into it.

Nomad elaborates further in the comments there:

What I am saying is that you do not [have] countries like Egypt or Bangladesh lecturing the world on how to be civlised while their own citizen's are knocking their women black and blue.

We have never had, and we never will have, perfect nations. The conclusion is simple: All you Westerners, just shut up.

By the way, the Nomad comes up with the cutest post titles.



You know, the article says they got their stats by interviewing 3,000 women, and extrapolating from that. The obvious question would be, how many of those women were Muslim, or in a relationship with a Muslim man?

Anyway, the survey isn't exactly a scientific study, the article is extremely short on detail, and, as you pointed out, even if the stats are 100% accurate, there's a world of difference between a society which punishes spousal abuse, and one which encourages it.

David Boxenhorn

We have never had, and we never will have, perfect nations.

The point is not that human nature is superior in the west, but that human institutions are superior!

Isaac Schrödinger

"The point is not that human nature is superior in the west, but that human institutions are superior!"

Most Muslims don't want to go there, for the main institution in their world is their religion. So, ultimately, it comes down to comparing Western heritage (basically Athenian beginning + Roman standardizing + The Enlightenment + Anglo capitalism + Jewish accomplishments) vs. Islam (bascially the Life of Muhammad + Sayings of Muhammad + sharia).

Even for educated Muslims who vote with their feet for a better life in the West, it's tough to admit that one is the inheritor of such a lame, colossal failure of a system.

They are, thus, reduced to talking about rotten individuals who, unsurprisingly, exist in all nations.

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