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The Battle of Iran Draws Near


The question may not be whether America is ready to attack, but whether Israel is. The Jewish state has cause for worry. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vows regularly to destroy the country; former president Hashemi Rafsanjani, considered a moderate, warned in 2001 that Tehran could do away with Israel with just one nuclear bomb.

A demonic dictator threatens to kill millions of Jews. Some things never change.

In Tel Aviv last week, former deputy Defense minister Ephraim Sneh concurred. Sneh, a dovish member of Israel's Parliament and a retired brigadier general, took a NEWSWEEK reporter to the observation deck atop the 50-story Azrieli Center. "There is Haifa just over the horizon, Ben-Gurion airport over there, the Defense Ministry down below," he said, to show how small the country is. "You can see in this space the majority of our intellectual, economic, political assets are concentrated. One nuclear bomb is enough to wipe out Israel."

That is why Israel ought to take action. Though, ultimately, the US should deal with Iran -- for Iran promises to kill Israelis but is currently murdering hundreds of Americans in Iraq.

Put another way: if the US will not attack the number one American-killing terrorist regime in the world while practically surrounding the nation with 200,000 troops, then when exactly will it?


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