Please, Don't Insult Genocidal Tyrants
Oxymoron of the Month


Saul Wall

I am afraid I contributed somewhat to the joviality with the end of my comment but it was after making a point:

"Interesting. Is cutting off the penis of a philandering man using the same logic as using female genital mutilation, aka clitorectomy to prevent promiscuity. One is used as a punishment and the other as a preventative measure but the idea of using mutilation as a means of dealing with interpersonal relations seems to warrant a comparison.

At any rate, a man who both hooks up with a psychopath and then cheats on her is probably someone who the gene pool could stand to have a limit on."

But then, the jovial comment made a somewhat serious point. Women who deal with infidelity by mutilation are probably not the best choice to reproduce with and most intelligent men are going to pick up on more subtle clues that a woman is somewhat unhinged. If you are unable to pick up on these clues you had better be such a productive member (no pun intended) of society that you can afford to have a surrogate mother carry your artificially inseminated or cloned babies. Either that or keep your seed to your psycho-spouse.

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