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Umar Lee:

With the arrival if the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to New York in order to address the United Nations and take his message to the people we have seen a manufactured scandal arise created by FOX News, conservative talk-radio, right-wing bloggers, and elements of the Pro-Israel community.

Why would "they" do that?

They are attempting to use this event as the latest PR stunt to get the American people to support an attack on Iran before Bush leaves the Oval Office and believe that if Bush does not stop Iran and a Democrat is elected the threat will not be dealt with. That is why you will see the almost daily reports on FOX News and other channels about Iranian funding of Shia militias and there “meddling in the affairs of Iraq” which, in fact, is their neighbor and they have far more of a right to meddle and be concerned about what is going on there than the United States does as our nation is half a world away and the average American has no cultural or historical ties to the people of the region unlike Iranians do.

How utterly demented. Umar doesn't deny that the Iranians are actually meddling in Iraq (read: murdering scores of Iraqis and Americans). Yet, somehow the scandal! is the fact that right wingers across America are reporting and discussing this evil.

On one side, we have a republic fighting for the safety of millions of Iraqis and their infant democracy. On the other side, we have a terror sponsoring state, ruled by theocrats; these wicked creatures hang homosexuals and beat women for showing a flock of hair. They want to bring the same hell to Iraq.

The choice is between something imperfect but definitely good and an unholy, dark web of sharia. How retarded does one have to be to support the worse option?


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