No Burqa, No Doctor.
Religion of Peace Strikes Again

Muslim Libertarians Still Missing

Mahmud: Limits of Satire.

The author deals with the firing of a cartoonist over a piece that ran in a Bangladeshi newspaper. He correctly points out, "It's not about Islam or Mohammed." I made a similar point a few days ago:

Muhammad and Islam are outside the bounds of criticism and satire -- even when they are not the intended target of such sport.

Back to Mahmud:

Is the belief of the faithful so weak that this cartoon poking fun at a kind of murkho believer can shake it? If so, the faithful should be advised to not read satirical magazines. Or newspapers. They are bound to find many things there that might disturb their faith.

Reality disturbs their faith. Period.


Josh Scholar

These article, pleading for a tiny crumb of human rights are always pathetic. The problem with Islam is that it creates people who are completely submissive.

As long as they plead, they will always be stepped on. Until they can grab their guns and fight for freedom, they're doomed. They have to be willing to fight their own Mullahs / Imams.

So, as far as I can tell, they're doomed for generations and generations.

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