Morally Blind
Yeah, Because You Killed Them All.

Ingrateful and Disgraceful

From The University of Victoria via Small Dead Animals:

The Canadian Armed Forces are banned from recruiting in the Student Union Building (SUB).

UVic Students’ Society (UVSS) chairperson Tracy Ho broke a 6-6 deadlock at a Sept. 10 UVSS board meeting by voting that the military should be banned from the SUB.

It's because they careTM.

Director-at-large Christine Comrie said it was important to ban the military from recruiting because some students are ignorant about the issues.

“A lot of students don’t know about the issues and don’t know about the facts,” she said. “We have to make this decision for students.”

A learned fellow weighs in:

“I consider myself well read on the situation in Afghanistan,” said director-at-large Edward Pullman. “I believe that the Armed Forces in Afghanistan are operating to the detriment of the Afghani people.”

Let's look at a few "detrimental" statistics.

  1. The World Bank: 40,000 fewer infant deaths per year compared to the Taliban rule.
  2. The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative: Girls' school attendance doubles from 2004. Education for girls was banned under the Taliban.
  3. Alastair McKechnie: “I think we will see the [Afghan] economy continue to grow at rapid rates, which in turn will lead to considerable improvements in people’s lives.”
  4. So awful has been the Canadian and Allied presence in Afghanistan that more than 3.7 million Afghans have returned to their country since 2002.

I hope the sensible students of UVic and the Canadian Blogosphere rhetorically lash the dishonest, despicable clowns of the UVSS in the coming days.


Josh Scholar

Over at Harry's Place I get to read socialist commenters spouting bullshit about "imperialism" or "neo-imperialism" all of the time. Neo-imperialism of course means, "what the US is now doing has nothing in common with imperialism but we still want to blame all of the world's problems on them and call them imperialists." It's a very flexible word.

HP is all about criticizing the British socialists for making a deal with the Islamists, and forming a party (called RESPECT, with George Galloway - famed for licking the boots of Sadam, Bashir, Hezbollah).

It wasn't until I got to know the hangers on at HP that I found out that real socialists really DO follow an official party line. How funny. They can't say anything that hasn't been decided beforehand by their leaders.


I'm thinking Christine Commie is perfectly named :)

What a friggin' mindset for a UNIVERSITY STUDENT! That right there is what being brought up in a nanny state gets you.

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