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Wazir Uddin on Michael Bay's Transformers:

Promoting a certain interpretation of the "Cube" as being for "good" or for conquering the world is analogous to the "moderate/reformist" struggle against "fundamentalism/Islamism" that is being constructed. The opening scenes of the film are located in a US military base stationed in Qatar, with iconic Islamic architecture and turban-wearing Arabs. The scene shows an elite US soldier who benevolently protects a young Arab boy from harm as the base is attacked by aliens. The soldier risks his own life to save the Arab boy and eventually returns him to the safe embrace of his father.

Such benevolent and heroic portrayal of US forces in the Middle East is clearly a product of fictional delusion; the atrocities and abuses of human rights by the occupying US forces in Iraq are well documented.

It says a lot about supposed American atrocities in the Middle East when the author has to resort to such an asinine interpretation of a Hollywood movie to somehow "prove" that the US military isn't so peachy.

Later on, he analyzes The Incredibles to show how "a particular discourse (neoconservatism and Islamaphobia) is perpetuated in popular culture".

A fanatic will see what he wants to see.



"In the social and cultural sphere it was the construction of Islamaphobia, creating a fear and demonisation of Islam through: film, television, news, novels." ('Waziruddin') There's only one word appropriate for the state of mind reflected in this sentence: delusional.

If there's a source of "Islamophobia" it is the daily terror of 'Waziruddins' Islamist "brothers" and the fact that many of the megalomaniac real-life losers who dream of muslim world control applaude it.

But why am I not surprised? Because it is always the same thing: Those Islamists are so obsessed with believing that they are supposed to be the masters of the universe that it is simply impossible for them to even think that they are responsible themselves for their lives being miserable. That's why they have to blame every single failure of their own on "the West". They should ask themselves who kills more innocent Iraqi civilans every day -- "the West" or some jihadi madmen who blow themselves up in crowded market places and mosques in order to suscribe for the 72 houris?

Disgusting. Delusional. Petulant as a bunch of whining school children.

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