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The Hamas Youth

The Christian Science Monitor:

Like Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which spawned Hamas, the group takes a patient approach to tapping religious conviction to build political support. It is the movement's youth focus, critics say, that sets it apart from Hamas's rival, Fatah, which controls the West Bank and enjoys US and Israeli support.

The basic unit of the Hamas organization isn't cells or political committees – it's families. The organization has shown that by introducing children early enough to Hamas's hard-line Islamic thinking, it can recruit lifelong supporters.

Nothing beats being nourished on poison.

"It hurts us so much when the international community misunderstands us," says Samir Abu Mohsen, a senior director at Al Aqsa. "Nahool isn't for teaching hate. It's for teaching children to think in the right way, to socialize them in our culture's way of life, and, of course, to remind them of their rights to the land that was taken from us."

[Emphasis mine.]

Of course. The loathing of the land-grabbing Jew has to be kept red hot. In the late 1940s, millions moved across the India-Pakistan border. How many of them demand the idiotic 'right of return'?

And isn't it interesting that this so-called right works one-way. What about the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were kicked out of Arab countries during that time. Should they not have the same "right of return"?

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot. The Jew can never be a victim.

Though Mohammed mentions soccer, public safety lessons, and basic Muslim teaching, he fails to mention that many of the Gaza camps also include a paramilitary element. A Hamas official says that such training is reserved for boys over 16, but a photographer who recently visited a camp in central Gaza and others say much younger boys also take part in paramilitary exercises.

In one Gaza City camp, boys practiced field drills with wooden pistols and crawled under barbed wire while being harangued by an adult drill instructor. Teenage boys undergo a tougher regimen that includes hand-to-hand combat and exhausting exercise. Boys that break discipline are sometimes beaten with sticks, said the photographer.

Hamas: Preparing the Thugs of Tomorrow.

Link via Daimnation.



"What about the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were kicked out of Arab countries during that time. Should they not have the same "right of return"?"

Actually, I think most Muslims would be MORE than happy to let Israelis abandon Israel, and move into Muslim nations. It's much easier to oppress or exterminate them when they're a small minority in a Muslim nation.

Josh Scholar

"Christian Science" is a dangerous and nutty cult - they don't allow medicine!!! Imagine a cult where they allow their children to suffer or die rather than be treated.

I'm always amazed that a news-magazine owned by such idiots isn't completely horrible. I have a vague memory of reading an article biased against Israel in the monitor years ago, but that doesn't mean much. Maybe they have a history, maybe not. I don't really care. I'm not getting my news from nutcase fanatics anyway.

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