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Religion of Peace Speaks

Associated Press of Pakistan via LFG:

Taslima Nasreen, an exiled controversial Bangladeshi writer, who is in India, has asked the Indian government to provide her security in the wake of the Fatwa for death to her, issued by Indian Muslim scholars for writing a blasphemous book.

Media reports quoted Majidulla Khan Farhad of Hyderabad-based Majlis Bachao Tehriq while addressing a rally at Tipu Sultan mosque in Kolkata after Juma prayers as saying Taslima has defamed Islam and announced “unlimited financial reward” to anybody who would kill her.

More via Gateway Pundit:

Muslim clerics in Kolkata issued a "death warrant" against controversial Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen on Friday, threatening her life if she did not leave the country where she lives in exile.

The threat came after a meeting of dozens of clerics from prominent mosques in Kolkata - where the writer lives - who said she had invited their wrath through her "repeated criticism" of Islam in her books and speeches.

You see, Islam is the answer to everything. And don't you dare question that.

It says a lot about the inherently weak nature of this religion. If anything, Taslima Nasreen presents an excellent opportunity for Muslims -- they can openly refute her words and showcase that she is an ignorant fool. Instead, they attack her physically and offer rewards for her death. By their very actions, these Muslims prove that their religion has rotten foundations. For Islam cannot withstand the true words of a lone woman.

In this, these Muslims are unintentionally right.


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