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Hot Air:

At least a subsection of the press in the US is self-censoring (again) out of fear of offending Muslims, hoping to prevent another cartoon jihad or at least keep themselves out of the way when another one erupts. They wouldn’t similarly self-censor for any other group, to the point of taking a couple of cartoon strips down to the local preacher or rabbi for approval as they did with the Islamic experts, because no one thinks the preachers or rabbis are going to spark a full-blown riot over any cartoons. Many people, like Chris Hedges and Andrew Sullivan, like to ride the “Christianist” threat to generate traffic or a best-seller, but even they don’t really believe it.

Which gets us back to the big fact of the day: Terrorism works.

Yeah, it's so much easier -- and safer -- to rail against the Christianists.

Link via Small Dead Animals.


Saul Wall

Mayor Quimby: "If that is the way the winds are blowing, let no one say that I don't also blow."

Some people exhibit the kind of courage that we are all familiar with. Others exhibit a more subtle form of courage - one indistinguishable from cowardice.

Classical Liberal

No doubt these cowards try to fool themselves that they are being responsible and judicious. Fools!

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