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Intel Realizes the Mistake


Intel plans to unify the product names of its CPUs and platforms beginning on January 1, 2008 to simplify the company's complicated product lines, according to sources at PC makers.

Good. Why they made the whole mess in the first place is anybody's guess.

Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo and the Core 2 Solo will soon be simply known as Core 2 processors. Next year or so, Intel will release a processor with 8 cores. The present naming scheme would have sound silly with that: Core 2 Octo.

I still think Intel should have publicly called the new line they released in July 2006 as the 'Core' processors. They could have kept the 'Core 2' name for the epic Nehalem line which will come out in late 2008.

Now, if Intel would only rename the Viiv...


Saul Wall

Ever since the industry decided that GHz was not a useful metric I have had no idea what is going on. I wonder what will happen when the gaming industry starts making games that are powerful enough to require something from this alphabet soup of processors. Will video game boxes come with five foot long folded inserts of compatible processors? Or will gaming be reserved for computer science graduates. Probably they will just make you buy the games and pray that they work - which is what they do now anyway but at least you have that momment of deluded bliss on the way home when you still think that the system requiremnets on the box are met by your machine. (sigh)

Isaac Schrödinger

It is, indeed, getting tough to follow this and decide which product is, in fact, faster.

I usually go to review sites to see how the 'alphabet soup' stacks up.

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