A Doctor Who Prescribes Death
Don't Chew That!

We Must Not Tell Lies

Yahoo News:

President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that foreigners who publicly criticize him or his government while visiting Venezuela will be expelled from the country.

The flawless logic behind this:

"How long are we going to allow a person from any country in the world to come to our own house to say there's a dictatorship here, that the president is a tyrant, and nobody does anything about it?" Chavez asked during his weekly television and radio program.

Damian Penny comments:

Reminds me of what a Sandinista official allegedly said about a Nicaraguan opposition newspaper in 1984: "They accused us of suppressing freedom of expression. This was a lie and we could not let them publish it."


Classical Liberal

That reminds me of the muslim response to accusations that Islam is a violent religion. "If you slander us by saying Islam is violent, by Allah, we'll riot and cut off your head!" "If you say Chavez is a tyrant, he'll have no choice but to banish you!"

There are certain things which all totalitarian idealogies have in common.

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