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Terrorists Feeling the Heat

Strategy Page:

Since the surge offensive began four months ago, Iraqi (military and civilian) deaths have declined by more than 50 percent, and American casualties are down by over a third. U.S. troops are still taking the lead in moving into hostile areas, and being exposed to ambush and IEDs. But U.S. tactics and training have made enemy efforts much less lethal. This has helped demoralize an increasing number of terrorists. Many are tired of killing Iraqi civilians, and the increasing difficulty at getting at American troops.

One thing we rarely see in the media is the numbers of terrorists killed.

While the terrorists make a big deal out of every American killed, they know that most of their attacks were not only failures, but got a lot of their buddies killed. On average, 10-20 terrorists die for every American killed. This has been going on for years, and an increasing number of Iraqi fighters are demoralized and quitting. Many either become informers, or surrender and speak freely. This is resulting in fresher intelligence, and raids that are catching terrorist  cells preparing for operations, and in possession of weapons, bombs and incriminating documents.

Link via Instapundit.


Ray Dickerson

The fact that this sort of thing does not make it into main stream media is the single most frightening thing about our country today.

Saul Wall

I am torn as to whether the lies or the omissions are more frightening. The lies show more of their mindset but the omissions are often more damaging. Then there are those occasional instances where the media just lets it all hang out and proudly admit that they have no morals like when the left-wing Israeli broadcaster proudly admitted slanting the news to make the public favor pulling out of south Lebanon years ago.

The more they distort their own and the public's view of reality, the more delusional people are going to need to be to keep their cognitive models of reality in sync with incoming information.

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