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Denying Humanity

Please, Go Easy On Us Dhimmis

Gates of Vienna:

Last year Jens Orback, the Democracy Minister in the former Social Democratic government of Sweden, caused a stir by saying on a state radio program, “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and the Muslims so that when we become the minority they will be the same towards us.”

Oh yes, we're all familiar with the famous Islamic tolerance for minorities. I'm sure the Swedes will get the exact same treatment.

Now a Dutch government minister has added her own voice to the chorus of accommodation, capitulation, and dhimmification in Europe.

Stuff that crocodile with sugar! He'll definitely be sweet to you in the future.



aww come on dude. this is just right wing propaganda against muslims...

there may be a few bad apples there but i really doubt there is a big drive going on there to take over europe.

muslims don't have that sort of intention... though it may become a very real consequence. but let's not contribute to right wing harranguing of muslims

Isaac Schrödinger

"muslims don't have that sort of intention... though it may become a very real consequence."

Are you saying that Muslims might unintentionally impose sharia on Europe?



"I'm sorry, I stepped in a puddle, slipped, fell, and accidentally enslaved your children. My Bad."

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