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20-30 Years

No Sex For You!

Muslim Matters:

It should be pretty obvious to most of us, especially the Muslims who still maintain ties/visitations to the “motherlands” that the Muslim world does indeed have a problem with sex.

You see, Muslims search for sex ... on google!

Thankfully, both Saudi and Iran have installed web filtration that is preventing this feed of mental perversion to the region, likely in the time frame of 2005-2006.

Yes, this fellow approves of totalitarian regimes that censor the Internet. How could anyone possibly object?

While I am a proponent of starving the inflow of perversity through any channels to a Muslim populace, the question is why is this populace in so much need for this trash?

Because they aren't getting any. Just a guess.

While on the outside, the norms of Muslim society prevented the actual “practice” of what the corrupted hearts and minds now desired, people have been caught up between two different worlds: a world of sex on their TV sets and computer monitors, and a world of the literal and metaphorical hijab and “parda” on the outside. This of course breeds the underground world of sexual escapades and desperation, to the point of being turned-on by the sight of feet (as in the case where women wear complete jilbab/niqab), secret messages and encounters, and the like.

The solution to this problem?

The solution is not and cannot be to open up the society and have a free for all as in the Western world.

But, of course.


Saul Wall

The solution must involve chemical castration or something. As an infidel I would like to apologize to the Muslim world for having invented horniness.

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