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David Boxenhorn

You must know something about the hard consequences of (non-) choices too...

Saul Wall

I find the same bizarre view about what constitutes racism in one of the comments as I do when people call critics of Islam "racist". Someone mentioned that (I think it was a female, I don't remember) she could not relate to most Indians since she went to a Christian school and some twit said that this was an example of racism since she was ruling people out based on something they could not change. Apparently the definition of "racism" is now "any behavior or view that the accuser does not like". So what are we supposed to call real racism? (Beliefs that certain groups based on heredity are superior or inferior and that society should treat them differently on that basis). If being attracted to a specific group more than another for compatibility, psychological imprinting during puberty, a perceived social status reason or whatever is racist then maybe any feelings of attraction are hate crimes. Any marriage is discrimination against 6.5 billion people.

Saul Wall

Speaking of attraction, In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry for the suppression of fun and sin is reaching out to young people so it will not have to beat them when they get older. They are having a program for kids called "Discover Happiness by Yourself" I wonder if they give out free Kleenexes with this advice.

Isaac Schrödinger

David: My situation is spectacular for friction.

Assuming I do marry, my spouse will likely be different than my parents / family in so many ways:

-- race
-- culture
-- religion
-- nationality
-- having a different first language

That's just off the top of my head!

Saul: Why would they need a Kleen-


Classical Liberal

I haven't come across too many "desis" out here in Portland, Oregon, but for the sake of learning more about cross-cultural relationships, I would be willing to date Parminder Nagra. Many, many times...

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