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So, if this guy and his wife only speak Mandarin at home, expecting their kid to learn English at school, he won't learn English until he starts school. As I understand it, the very first few years of a child's life--when the brain is most plastic--are when languages are learned most quickly and easily, and remembered longest. From the blog's title, I assume the writer is living in the U.S., near Chicago, yet he wants his kid to grow up without the benefit of speaking English as a "mother tongue," all so that some Chinese immigrants won't look down on the kid. Gee, he's really doing his kid some great favors! Yes, that's sarcasm.

Isaac Schrödinger

You're right.

In the first 10 years of my education, I had taken at least two languages. That seemed to be "normal".

Then came a short time when I was taking a total of four languages. I had no problem with two, three I could manage but four was too much. I could have studied four languages but it would have been very harsh and pointless. So, I know how incredibly easy it is to consume two languages.

It was a surprise to find out that kids in the US don't learn more than one language from a young age.

English-Spanish, English-Mandarin, English-Hindi...such combinations, I think, would be quite effortless for young children. It's just that the parents don't seem to bother with such options.

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