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" Is It OK to Kill Children and Rape Women?"

This lovely tradition started from the very beginning of Islam. The most (in)famous incident* is the slaughtering of all the men of a Jewish tribe while their women and children were taken as slaves. This all happened under the direct command of the peaceful prophet Muhammad.

Note that Islam allows a man to have four wives and an unlimited number of sex slaves -- a "tradition" that survives to this day.

* I've written about Banu Quraiza here.


Saul Wall

I am so glad that there are people out there explaining this to everyone. It can not be rape because you can not rape a slave (they belong to you).

I had a look around and it is revealing. They discuss the Polish invasion of Britain (some do not mind Polish people but others feel they are too racist), they are concerned about the treatment of "Islamic" prisoners in the US and their habeas corpus rights, they condemn Muslims for always sending their obligatory charity money to Africa for wells and schools for the Ummah but never for "Muslim empowerment" and stuff. The rest is pretty boring; kind of typical religious navel gazing with the occasional "rape the slaves" post for fun.

Saul Wall

Oh, and on the front page there is a link to an article explaining why non-violence will not work in Palestine.

Isaac Schrödinger

Their motto: Give war a chance. And another chance. And another...

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