That Guy Is Good
Islamic Punishment for Apostasy


Josh Scholar

Isaac, I would like to get your feedback about these liars:

Josh Scholar

Very sad comments to that video:

Marked as spam
Yes they are killing Ahmadi's in Pakistan. On October 7th, 2005, 8 Ahmadis were Killed during Fajr namaaz, in the masjid, during Ramadan, by extremist Muslims who believed Ahmadis are apostates and deserved death. One day later Allah devestated Pakistan with an earthquake that killed over 80,000 people. How many more signs are needed?

It's also sad that readers tried to censor the comment by marking it as spam.

Saul Wall

lordinho said: "am i clear ?"

Not really. Where does he think it is written that "they" will not accept your "ugly Paki face" unless you accept "their" religion? Would that be the hadith compiled by Imam Andrew Dice Clay? Does he feel that Islamic Pakistanis have ugly faces too or do the people of Pakistan get handsome when they are believers? I am guessing that Lord Inho (not to be confused with Chancellor Imhotep) has some Arab supremacist issues. Either that or he is a Nazi moonbat. But I must say that his defense of Islam with the theological use of the term "fucker" is quite convincing. I wonder if he has considered missionary work.

Josh Scholar


Hint one of the tags on that video is "Towelian"

Isaac Schrödinger

One of the comments on that video:

"Where the fuk are her parents, man this is haram and who ever posted this is as worse as the girl u should neva say bismillah ir rehman ir raheem to this kind of crap."


Josh Scholar

I have to say I'm confused. Which sort of Muslim do ass dancing, head covered, screaming "Allah Allah" over and over?

Isaac Schrödinger

I don't think there's an Islamic name for that.

This reminds of a story I read some time ago. I think a few Islamists went to Africa to spread the faith. They came upon an African man and started talking.

The man replied, "I'm already a Muslim."

They were overjoyed. They talked about his family. The dude pointed them out. The Islamists were shocked to see his wife.

His wife was putting up clothes to dry. Nothing odd about that except that she was topless!

These Islamists berated the guy and told him about the real Islam.

There are places that are considered "liberal" in Muslim circles. Turkey and Lebanon, for example. I wouldn't be surprised if this video is from there.

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