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Hakim Abdullah: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?

This phrase, Islamist Democracy, raises far too many many alarms and red flags with both sides of this argument which deserves a complete explanation however, a complete explanation of what may be included in a democratic Islamic state is beyond the scope of this article and perhaps my knowledge as well. Yet it is not beyond Dr. Feldman’s knowledge, a U.S. constitutional lawyer, who is also proficient in Islamic as well as Jewish Law, the Sharia and Halakha respectively. He believes that the implementation of Sharia and Fiqh of Islamic Law, is in fact a viable solution for the Middle East. Feldman also suggests that Islam is not only compatible with democracy but, in certain terms, able to express the democratic process in a more efficient way than we have yet seen implemented since its formal acclimation into modern society.

What is Feldman smoking?

On the top left of the post, there is a small image that shows the flags of the US and Saudi Arabia. Just think about the basic gross incompatibility. There is separation of religion and state in America whereas the wretched shahada is on the Saudi flag (with a most peaceful scimitar underlining the text).

Also, sharia is, by definition, the law of Allah. How, in the name of sanity, is that compatible with man-made legislation or democracy?



It's not compatible with democracy in the US, for two reasons.

1 - Women are not going to be put back in the box. As a Christian, I may do things I'd rather not because my religion requires it. I'm not about to do things I'd rather not because someone else's religion requires it.

2 - "Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...." The First Amendment, right at the beginning of our Bill of Rights, states that our government must be neutral in matters of religion. It can't make you have one, and it can't keep you from having one. This very important cornerstone of our civil rights is absolutely incompatible with any kind of legal system based on religion. To have Sharia law here would mean overthrowing the Constitution. Can't do it.

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