Inconvenient Divergences
Hamas, Fatah, and Dumb Jews

No Loyalty

Read this entire post (via SDA):

Following the keynote speech by Mark Steyn, Avi presented a panel featuring Greg Davis, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq, and Philippe Karsenty, moderated by Mark Steyn.

A portion of what Ibn Warraq said:

Last night Avi Davis was telling us that we should anchor our accounts in some personal experience. I had to go to Canada, Toronto, to renew my work visa, about 8 months ago. And I went through Minnesota and I stayed with a niece of mine. She came to Canada about 9 years ago from Zimbabwe. She's married, and she has 4 children. All four children were born in Zimbabwe in southern Africa. She was telling me - she told me this story herself. One day in the kitchen, her children were all very excited, because there was a big ice-hockey match, between a Canadian team, and the Sabres, I think, in Buffalo. And they were all very much, of course, for the Canadian team. They were saying, "Mama, we are really going, we are really Canadian, we really want the Canadians to win!" And she said she brought all the kids into the kitchen, and said, "Listen. Don't you ever forget. You are not Canadians. You are Muslims." This was their primary identity. And you can imagine the conflicts this must have engendered in the children. What they will be going through in the next few years, I don't know.



quite sad.

Tambi Dude

I see the profile of Ibn Warraq. Isn't that dangerous.

Isaac Schrödinger

"Isn't that dangerous."

I thought the same thing.

Tambi Dude

Upon my request, the photo of IbnW has been removed
from the site.

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