Can You Feel The Peace?
Americans Are Pissed


Josh Scholar

I'm just relieved to realize that the picture wasn't taken in London.

Josh Scholar

I've been arguing about the knighting on Eteraz's site.

His is supposed to be a site for Liberal Moderate Muslims and Eteraz himself has made arguing against the killing of apostates one of his causes.

However, I think the other Muslims on this group blog and in the comment section mst be a disapointment to him

Saul Wall

The female equivalent of the knight's title Sir is Dame I believe.

What about Dame Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Just around the time that the Rushdie protests start to lose their numbers. Keep the hate fires burning until they get too exhausted to go on. Then bombard them with porn mags from airdrops and free porno TV broadcasts. Its not like doing nothing will make us safe from terrorism so why not have some fun.


Good idea Saul!

Let's also air drop alcohol and maybe they could mellow out.

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