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Muslims Enraged. The Sun Rises In The East.

'Everyone can file a refugee claim'

The Toronto Star link via Mezba.

See the Undercover video links on the right there.

This one is cute:

STORY: Li (unlike three others) thoroughly explores and explains the options. The Star reporter, posing as someone calling on behalf of a relative, is told the "only" route is to file a refugee claim.

"It depends on how smart he is in responding to the questions," says Li. "It all depends on how he performs. But we'll help him through the system."

"But if he's not a real refugee, is that okay?" the Star asks.

"Of course," says Li. "There are no real refugees."

Lovely. Come to the West and start your life here with a vicious lie -- the authorities will become cynical and then few will trust a real refugee who'll be sent "home" to wolves.

For the record: My lawyer was an angel compared to these conniving bastards.


Tambi Dude

As a former Canada resident and citizen, this
one does not surprise me. Most of the refugee
claims in Canada are fake. I am specifically
referring to Sri Lankan refugees.

Desis (which includes Indians, Pakistanis,
Lankans and Bangladesis) know only how to
break law, whereever they go.

Josh Scholar

That's fraud and fraud is a crime...

A prosecutor could start with that article and put Laura Lee in prison.


shoulda woulda coulda...

There are a whole lotta things wrong everywhere. It's either liberals or lawyers or both.

(and of course! IT"S BUSHES FAULT!!!)

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