Living in Hell
Lopsided Matchup

Diluting The Deen

Umar Lee:

The other day I listened to a radio program on the BBC World Service about a Muslim chaplain working with with the US navy and Marines including administering to Muslims at the prison camp in GTMO.

But you see that chaplain had to sell his soul first:

Even on the question of GTMO and Iraq he cannot speak to what even most Americans believe about the illogical and immoral nature of the very nature of those endeavors. So what is left of the deen? If you cannot call away from the evil or speak against it with your tongue then what are you? A Muslim mouthpiece for policies that harm Muslims like Jewish Capo in Auschwitz?

Of course. There ought to be one "correct" worldview in a Muslim mind. Otherwise, s/he must have been bought off.

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