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Dhimmitude Starts With Appeasement

Metroblogging Lahore:

The knighthood of Salman Rushdie is wrong on two counts.

The second one is amusing:

British being a democracy is already well aware that the most number of people being born in Britain are Muslim. (The name Mohammad is set to overtake James as the most common name in Britain this year). A democratic nation is bound by the choice of its majority and this is really an easy concept to get, right? Maybe the concept of making room for the minorities, starting with the large ones, is hard to grasp -- I don't know.

The message sent is the opposite: we will not be cowered. Rushdie spent years railing against the British establishment and, oddly enough, the MI5 didn't put a bounty on his head. Muslims ought to look at their demented community and ask themselves, "Who in their right minds would make room for them?"


Saul Wall

It makes me wonder: if there is a minority group of Muslims who want to be apostates will the concept of making room for them be hard to grasp? What if there is a minority group of Muslims who feel that Rushdie deserves a knighthood for sticking to his principles even if they do not like that he left Islam? I wonder if there is any room for them?

While talking about minorities for whom room must be made, what about the group of people whom crowds of Muslims have publicly called to be killed? (I added the qualifiers "crowds of" and "publicly" to try to keep this a discussion about minority groups).

If Muslims should be heeded over the majority because they are a "large" majority then how large does a minority of Muslims need to be before Muslims should heed them?

I wonder if the author is aware that the reason that Mohamed is becoming the most popular name is that Muslims are one of the few ethnic groups that uses one name so extensively. Momekh's first point is almost as amusing if not more so. Rushdie should not be knighted because he wrote something that is not his cup of tea or the cup of tea of a billion Muslims. If it is the cup of tea of 5 billion non-Muslims that does not matter. I wonder how far the cup of tea ratio must lean before Knighthood is not wrong. If I write something really spectacular but it is not the cup of tea of a few hundred Ku Klux Klansmen is that OK?

That is the trouble with thought, once you start asking questions all the simple things in life stop making sense.

Isaac Schrödinger

Good points.

Take a look at an average sermon in a mosque. Shias, Ahmads and other "heretical" Islamic sects are mentioned in diabolical terms. Americans, Brits, Israelis, Jews -- kufr, kufr, kufr -- are verbally torn apart at every opportunity.

The message is simple: If you're not a Muslim, then no room for you!

Yet, here we have a Muslim whining about fictional portrayals of Muslims in the media!

Respect is a right, you see; it's not to be earned.

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