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D-Day Today

A fake but accurate account of the modern media if it were to comment on the events of June 6, 1944 and the immediate aftermath.

June 6, 1944: 9 a.m. French time.
The Americans dropped their paratroopers in the night. They were met with heavy winds and artillery fire from the Germans. In addition, the Americans are suffering heavy losses at Omaha beach. Reports are coming in that, already, a thousand Americans have been killed.

The "liberation" of Europe has only been under way for a few hours and yet the American public has to deal with this most grim of milestones.

June 6, 1944: 2 p.m. French time.
Troops are dying by the dozens every hour today. Questions are being asked about the choice of Normandy as the focus point of the assault. Unnamed sources have said that the area of Pas de Calais would have been infinitely preferable to the emerging quagmire in Normandy.

President Roosevelt is feeling political heat regarding his bold confidence in George Marshall -- the architect of the bloody battle in France.

June 6, 1944: 10 p.m. French time.
The death toll of Americans today has exceeded the two thousand mark. Can the American psyche withstand such two grim milestones within a day? And for how long will the American public support Roosevelt's war?

July 15, 1944. 500,000 innocent French civilians have been killed because of the American-led Allied bombing of France.

(Sample was selected from Normandy -- then extrapolated to the rest of France. The margin of error is +/- 450,000 French civilians.)

RE-DEPLOY THE TROOPS TO the Pacific Theatre.
July 25, 1944. The main enemy is the Japanese. We ought to bring the troops home from Europe and maintain our struggle against Japan. FDR took his eyes off our real enemy and is instead going after the Germans and shockingly using more resources against them than against Japan!

August 1, 1944. Michael Malignant releases his documentary in which he shows how French men rode on their bikes with their delicious baguettes and French kids flew kites till the Americans started bombing them to bits.

An excerpt: "Japan attacked us and later Germany declared, why are we attacking France!? We have killed close to a million innocents according to the British Loony Journal. This is a needless war fought by rich men who don't send their sons or, better yet, themselves to the front lines.

Just look at FDR. He's nothing but a f**king chickenhawk!"

August 14, 1944. A television personality, Rosie O'Diablo, questions the events that took place on December 7, 1941.

"I do believe that this is the first time in history that battleships were capsized by light bombs from airplanes. That's just physically impossible! To say that no-one would implode the ships is ignorant. Look at films and experiments. Get a professor from Yale or Harvard and ask about the physics. This capsizing defies reason!"

August 22, 1944. More than 25 thousand American boys have died in the current battle in Normandy. This is by far the bloodiest battle for Americans in this century -- and Americans continue to die in this unnecessary and bungled battle.

FDR stubbornly persists with George Marshall and, Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, Dwight Eisenhower. Many Americans ask themselves, "Are we safer today than we were on December 6, 1941?"

THE NEW YORK TIMES publishes an editorial about the Germans, Italians and the Japanese on August 25, 1944.
Its title: "Why do they hate us?"


David Boxenhorn


Isaac Schrödinger

I had a few minutes free during work yesterday. Just took a piece of paper and effortlessly starting writing out the above points.

The template of the modern MSM is quite simple and deplorable.

Tambi Dude

Marvellous. Super sarcasm.


You're forgetting the fact that, had we had today's type of media during WW2, the headlines would have more along the lines of:


Over 3 million troops are set to take part in the largest seabourne invasion in history tomorrow, perparing to attack a certain number of beaches along the french normandy coast. For months now, mis-information projects have been run by the british, and others, to try and lead german forces to believe the attack was coming from elsewhere and thus lead nazi deployments away from the actual targeted areas."

And so forth. And they wouldn't even get the irony... Y'know, in the falklands even, our reporters held to operational security. One of the more famous quotes from an embedded reporter there was "I counted them all out, and I counted them all back." A use of language to get around restrictions on saying how many harrier jets had been involved. Cynically, I have no doubt that had he not been told not to, he probably would have numbered them, but I could be beuing unfair here. Today though, they'd have just said how many regardless.

Josh Scholar

Very good.

Isaac Schrödinger

Trynn: There is truth in that. American reporters of today wouldn't / couldn't have kept their mouths shut.

The Rude Dog

Bravo Issac. You are more American than many native born Americans.

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