No Love for Queen Elizebith and Rushdi


Classical Liberal

I know that I am! Pissed, that is. That tried the whole "amnesty with a facade of border enforcement" thing last year, and that house killed it. Then they try to ram it down our throats again this year. That gets stopped with the cloture vote. Then they bring the damn thing back again! It's like a zombie that keeps rising from the dead. Truly, our so-called representatives have forgotten for whom they work.

Classical Liberal

Wow, I must be so pissed that I can't proof read things before I post them. That should have been "They tried the whole 'amnesty with a facade of border enforcement' thing last year, and the house killed it." Mea culpa.


An odd thing... More Americans contacted their representitives in government (congress and exective) over/aganst NAFTA than in anytime in history. It did not make any difference, NAFTA passed. Sometime after this cools down there will be a midnight vote and this turd of an amnesty bill will go through the pipes.

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