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The good news from Pakistan just doesn't end:

The National Assembly on Tuesday [May 8] sent a bill called Apostasy Act 2006 to the standing committee concerned for consideration.

The MMA tabled the bill during Private Members’ Day in the assembly. The bill proposed sentencing to death male apostates and imprisonment till penitence or death for female apostates. The government did not oppose the bill and sent it to the standing committee concerned.

[Emphasis mine.]

The core of the bill:

Section 5 states that the court should give a proven apostate at least three days or a month at the maximum to return to Islam. If he refuses, he should be awarded the death sentence.

The Pakistanis are so generous!

Section 8 proposes suspending all rights of the accused over property. [...] Section 9 states that the apostates’ right to guardianship over minors will remain suspended till their death.

But always remember, Islam is, like totally, a Religion of PeaceTM.


Saul Wall

Let's not get worried. This law is a gross violation of the UN charter of Human Rights so the UN will begin putting huge amounts of pressure on Pakistan to nip this in the bud. Why, the EU nations at least will probably be expressing outrage and young people will be protesting in the streets across the Western world demanding that human rights be respected in Pakistan and other Islamic nations.

Any minute now.

I think I should set my VCR to record the news so that I don't miss these developments.

On the plus side, kids today are being sent the message that Islam needs the support of a corrupt military regime and threat of death to keep people from leaving the faith. The stench of failure is not the best recruiting asset - unless you are a congenital Marxist or something. (Micheal Moore - I'm looking at you! Ya smell like Che.) Sorry, lost focus there for a second.

The whole death-to-apostates meme is truly insidious yet wickedly clever. Any given specific Muslim speaker can deny or reject the concept but as long as everyone knows it is a belief held by much of the Islamic world it serves as a psychological Berlin Wall to keep everyone inside.

Josh Scholar

Saul, the UN has invented "Islamic Human rights" as distinct from everyone else's human rights. It doesn't include freedom of religion.

Cool eh?

Saul Wall

Infidels have 7 intestines so I guess there ought to be different classifications of humans with different rights. I wonder if the I would have to give up my other 6 if I converted.

Malik's Muwatta, Book 49, Number 49.6.9:

Yahya related to me from Malik from Abu'z-Zinad from al-Araj that Abu Hurayra said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, 'The muslim eats in one intestine, and the kafir eats in seven!' "

Saul Wall

I think the UN has created one or several alternate realities to live in. Whoever built the UN building must really have gotten a deal on lead pipes and mercury based paint.

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