A Virgin Slut!
Bedouin Economics


David Boxenhorn


American Girl

Israeli Girl

Arab Girl

M. Simon

Glad to see you are doing well.


Josh Scholar

David, I have the "safe search" filter for Google off, so I was kind of shocked what turned up on page one for "Arab girl" after the American one was so innocent.

Funny, the first page for "Israeli Girl" shows them cowering in bomb shelters and firing machine guns. Proof of the pure love that Israels get from their neighbors.

Josh Scholar

Oh and crying.

What happened to the captcha? It didn't ask me.

Checking my cookie maybe?

Isaac Schrödinger

It always asks me and I comment often.

Weird. Let's see if it asks me for this comment.

Isaac Schrödinger

Whoa! It didn't ask me either!

Isaac Schrödinger

You're likely right. Typepad must have started using cookies for this.

David Boxenhorn

I was kind of shocked what turned up on page one for "Arab girl"

My point exactly. What do you suppose it means?

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