A Storm is Coming
Pregnant Teenager Murdered

Within The Fortress

Mark Steyn talks about a most uneasy trend:

[...] the young Duka brothers are "radical Muslim" sons in a family of otherwise "moderate Muslim" oldsters. That, too, fits a pattern of de-assimilation, of young Western Muslims far more implacable and hostile than their parents and grandparents. The London bombers were British subjects born and bred, radicalized in the vacuum of contemporary multiculturalism. One of the Toronto plotters had a father-in-law who was the pharmacist at the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry base. The Princess Pats have done sterling work in Afghanistan, and pop supports their mission. But his daughter doesn't, and she named his grandchild after a Chechen terrorist killed by the Russians.


Josh Scholar

I think this is much simpler than people think.

If you send children to madrassa then 50% of them will come back hating the kufar with a passion.

The generation that moved to Britain or Canada were self selected. They simply were the people who WANTED to live with us "infidels". They were the best of the 50% who don't hate us that much.

But many of these parents sent their children to maddrassa or equivalent Muslim religious training, perhaps in all innocents, thinking that it would have the same effect on their children it had on themselves... And as in the rest of the world 50% of these children came back consumed by hatred and lusting for violence.

Josh Scholar

"innocence" not "innocents"

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