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Viewing Photography

I wanted to use a camera when I was young. I wanted to take photos of my friends and surroundings. Unfortunately, living in Saudi Arabia, that wasn't an option. Worse, being non-Arab, getting caught by police would have been very unpleasant. So, the only photos that we took in Arabia were our mugshots; taken at a one-hour studio. They were for my father's aqaama (a work-permit document for foreigners) and for our passports.

My dad did buy a camera; him and my siblings took a few shots in Pakistan and Bahrain. It's eerie to realize that I have zero photographical evidence of being in Saudi Arabia.

Today, I could get an excellent camera and take numerous snaps of my friends and the beautiful spring time but, for obvious reasons, I wouldn't want to share the results on my blog. Fortunately, there are many who put in the time, money and energy in their hobby and then share the fruits with the rest.

Ten years ago, I was wasting away in Saudi Arabia. Now, I'm in the West and with a few simple clicks I can view the most infidelicious stuff on the Net.

Life is good.


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