He Might Be Slow...
Political Mayhem in Pakistan


Crusade Watcher: Hamas's Mouse Is Right.

The stinking kuffar expect the Muslims to just allow themselves to be slaughtered without even exercising their God given survival instincts. What the zionist are hoping is that the younger generations don't know any better and that the despair and hopelessness they were born into is normal, that all humans live that way. They absolutely don't want them to be taught the truth.

Yeah, that's why people are upset over this.

The venom-spewing doesn't end there:

Forget about talks, negotiations, and kufr democracy. They've been talking for decades. Talking talking and more talking. What has the talking done besides make their situation worse with every passing month? The zionist want the Palestinians to talk while they continue their land grabs and murdering sprees. All of the illegal immigrants from Russia, america, and Europe need to be sent back to where they came from or driven into the Mediterranean. GO HOME already. InshaAllah, one of these days the Muslims are going to wake up and get their act together, and Jerusalem along with the rest of Palestine will be liberated just as it was before even if it takes 100's of years just as before.

Liberation = Holocaust of the 21st century.

Speaking of truth: giving back the Sinai, leaving Southern Lebanon and moving out of the Gaza Strip does not come under the heading of "land grabs". Had the Palestinians let go of their genocidal dreams and not started the two murderous intifadas then they could have had their own wretched state. The Palestinians are the architects of their own misery.


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