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The Belmont Club:

The problem with the word "torture" is that it has been so artfully corrupted by some commentators that we now find ourselves at a loss to describe the kinds of activities that the al-Qaeda interrogation manual graphically recommends. Now that the term "torture" has been put in one-to-one correspondence with such admittedly unpleasant activities as punching, sleep deprivation, a handkerchief pulled over one's face and loaded with water, searches by women upon sensitive Islamic men or the disrespectful handling of Korans -- what on earth do we call gouging people's eyes out?




Good one. Well, if torture is part of their barbaric, sick, evil, sub-human, perverted, vile and demented culture who are we to say it is bad?
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
ignore human rights abuse

give terrorists free pass
villify the best countries


The political left (and organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch) spend too much time talking about the US torturing suspected terrorists. But I can understand why the public doesn't care about the torture because everyday we see on the news reports stories about suicides bombings, so they are afraid.

The politcal left and human rights activists should be emphazing the bombings, the use of depleted uranium and chemical weapons, and how the Osama Ben Laden was once a CIA asset and how the United States helped to bring into power Saddam Hussein and the U.S. supported strategically and financially him when he was committing his worst atrocities.

When people understand that the U.S. government has been collaborating with Muslim extremists and supporting brutal dictators than hopefully the people will ask their government to stop doing this.

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