Gearing Up For Open War
The Truth Shall, Er, Offend the Muslims

The Truth Shall, Er, Get You Convicted

ABC News:

When he began testifying at his own trial this week, a Florida doctor accused of pledging to support al-Qaida hoped to convince a jury that the FBI had it all wrong: He was a man of peace.

If that was the plan, then Rafiq Abdus Sabir had a disastrous day on the witness stand Friday.

This is like something out of The Onion:

Sabir, a polygamist who has had four wives (though never more than two at once), also appeared unapologetic as he talked about a domestic dispute in 2002. He was accused of disappearing with his two young children on a trip to Pennsylvania without telling their distraught mother.

When she found him, they got into a tug-of-war over their four-year-old, and the wife wound up with a cracked tooth. Sabir fled with the kids, and, after an interstate manhunt, landed in jail. His wife refused to press charges.

"I don't need her permission to take my children," Sabir said. "I don't need to tell her where I'm going."

Yeah, the bitch! She's only the mother of your children. The hell with her!

He reacted defiantly again as he was questioned about a time he slapped a daughter and handcuffed her to a radiator for failing to dress quickly enough for school. "She punched me in my face!" Sabir said, saying that was why he slapped her.

Not buying it.

Link via Dan Riehl.


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