Death At Every Turn
Dumb, dumb, dumb.

The Trouble With Islam.


This article discusses the paradigmatic relationship and interaction between Muslims, Islam and the “external” world. The analysis elaborates a social theory which explains the Muslim mindset, both political and religious (though the two may be blurred in many aspects of the Islamic life) and their current and potential relationship with the rest of the world.

Specifically, this article assesses the threat of mainstream Muslims’ theological belief that the Quran is inerrant and infallible, combined with their political sympathy for Islamic terrorist organizations.

I swear I've read something very similar before.

Though, I'm not optimistic about Salahudin's strategy.


Saul Wall

As an aside, his observation about cultures believing that God made man from clay is an interesting one. It seems that people see God as a member of whatever profession they are in. Kings see him as a monarch, engineers and mathematicians are more inclined to embrace intelligent design than those in any other field in science, etc. And society sees God in the context of their most important industries or technologies; a shepherd looking after his flock in the Bible times, a watchmaker in late renaissance time, a computer programmer today. Of course, one of the earliest revolutionary technologies was clay pottery and the idea of a creator molding the perfect item out of clay would have been a strong metaphor. Plus, clay is softer than rock or wood yet firmer than mud, water or air just like flesh.

I think that was the most irrelevant comment I have ever posted anywhere. I deserve a prize.


"Though, I'm not optimistic about Salahudin's strategy."

There is a saying that goes like this:

"The pragmatic man is a simple man who seeks to survive in life by adapting himself to it. The great man is also the pragmatic man, but with great ideals, for he seeks not to merely survive, but to adapt life to those ideals."

I take inspiration from Gandhi.

I could be a Stalin or a Hitler... but then again, I point out those violent tendencies in Islam as a criticism. How could I leave Islam if only to embrace the very reasons I despise it for? I embrace the opposite...

If Gandhi could do it, then so can we. He was only human, you know? :)

If we don't believe we can make a change, then of course we never will. But what could be more "right" than to try... even if we lose, at least I can have the peace of mind that I sought the highest ideals and pursued them till my end.

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