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Spiegel Online:

The death of three German soldiers in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz on Saturday has led to calls in Germany for a rethink of NATO's entire strategy in Afghanistan, with the opposition Left Party even demanding that Germany's 3,150 troops stationed there be brought home.

What exactly did these dastardly Germans think they were sending in their troops for? A picnic?


That’s right … lose 3 soldiers and you are already looking for an overhaul of the entire mission … lose 3 soldiers and you are questioning whether rebuilding a ravaged country and protecting it from those who would desolate it again is worth it.

We’ve talked on these pages about the Germans and The Will of the West to survive. Germany can best be described as exhibit A in the dead-culture-walking category. I doubt from what I see that Germans could ever muster the will, least of all the courage, to defend themselves. How are they to defend the hapless peasants of far off Afghanistan?

They can retreat. War will find them on their own soil soon.


Saul Wall

In NATO, an attack against one member is an attack against all - unless such a policy might result in danger or something. The Germans need to remind the opposition Left Party (is that "left" as in wing or "left" as in hid outside the parliament in the washrooms?) that the world lost far more than 3 soldiers liberating them from fascists. Either that or just demand that the Left Party all wear ballerina outfits from now on. My apologies to actual ballerinas but you know those outfits are kind of... I think I'll just stop there.

Isaac Schrödinger

It's the preposterous mentality that is jaw-dropping. We support the war as long as no-one gets killed.

Normal people don't even apply that standard to swimming pools or automobiles yet somehow this kind of "thinking" regarding WAR! doesn't elicit derisive laughter from most Europeans.

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