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The Megaphones of War

During the Bosnian War, many Muslims came from outside to fight the infidel. To these Saudis, Iranians and Pakistanis, that was a matter of Jihad. After the war, the deprave Arabs offered money to their native brothers for mosques -- upon one condition. They, not the Bosnians, would provide the imams.

So, these Muslims in Europe who were relatively moderate soon had Wahhabi poison being pumped out of "their" mosques. This phenomenon of rich and extremely intolerant Muslims in mosques is repeated throughout Europe. Thus, we get the two-faced Muslim community. In public, they claim to be the peaceful victims of Islamophobia; in their mosques they preach the most vile hatred of non-Muslims. All one has to do is simply see and hear their own words.

It's about bloody time Europe took note:

Security officials from Europe's largest countries have thrown their weight behind the EU Commission's plans to map out mosques on the continent to identify imams who preach radical Islam that raises the threat of homegrown terrorism.

The project, to be finished by the fall, will focus on the roles of imams, their training, their ability to speak in the local language and their source of funding, EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini told a news conference.

I wonder how long Europe is going to keep on saying that "Islam is a Religion of Peace!" while instituting such policies.

Link via Instapundit.


Josh Scholar

I wonder how long Europe is going to keep on saying that "Islam is a Religion of Peace!" while instituting such policies.

Forever, I think.

European countries don't seem to have much belief in the value of honest public debate, at least not when there are any drawbacks.

But I suppose that, eventually, no one in Europe will say stupid things in private. I imagine that when everyone is lying in public, it can take generations for people to come to any sort of hidden consensus, if that's even possible.

Of course I know nothing really about Europe other than what I can glean from the media and from reading European blogs, so I could easily be surprised.

Josh Scholar

But the main problem with lying this way is that it prevents even facing issues we need policies for.

For example, I believe that it is common theology that Muslims have no choice but to invade infidel countries as soon as they are militarily strong enough to succeed.

The policy implications of this are:
1. Mutual protection pacts will have to become the rule, the world over.
2. Muslim countries must not be allowed to arm with WMDs.
3. The world may have to abandon every notion of disarmament and even arm further in order to make invasions seem suicidal everywhere.

But if we pretend that Islam is not triumphalist and hostile then we can never make, participate in or even debate such policies.

Of course we have the same problem.

Josh Scholar

OT: Beautiful!

You know why it's Islamically OK to shoot at Hamas (according to a Fatah supporting cleric)? "Because Hamas has "Jewish characteristics"

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