Another Day For Filbert
The Plague of Jew-Hatred


Josh Scholar

Here is the long shot of that.

The girl is in a line of people holding up a banner and a picture in front of home made American and Israeli flags being burned for the cameras. She's holding the picture.

Can you read the banner or figure out who is in the pictures?

Funny that they really wanted the cameras to get pictures of the anti-Israeli slogan in English and the burning flags.

OK so this is probably an orchestrated photo-op made just for Reuters. But why? Who are these people and what do they gain from this publicity, and from whom?

I sort of wonder whether the message is aimed at us, or whether having us see their hatred seen as making a blow against the evil infidels...

Are they hoping that publicly demonstrating their hatred for the west will make them more popular with Sunnis? Is the message really, "We're all Muslims here. See, we even hate the right people, just like you do!"

Isaac, you're from Pakistan, perhaps you can give us some context.


"Obviously the cunning Jews placed this banner behind the innocent Pakistani girl TO MAKE HER RELIGION LOOK BAD!"

Agreed. All Jews have super speed. They were probably back in Israel before the girl even felt the breeze.

They likely figure that showing their desire to destroy Israel will help left-wing types to understand how strongly they feel about Israel. No one could possibly feel so strongly against Israel if it were not an evil place. I think they know their audience and its mental capacity pretty well - moonbats.

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