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Muslim Matters:

Many Muslims engage in furious criticism of people with whom they disagree or whom they see as the foes of Islam – progressive Muslims, Jews, the far right, the media – and if you stop to think about it maybe our contempt is wrong.

What about apostates!? Two years of slamming Islam and this is the recognition that I get. Towelie damn it!

I once heard an imam from the pulpit call Jews “the filthiest people on earth.” Is such loathing productive? Or does it cut us off from solutions and activism?

That's a tough one. Here's a clue: if anyone in a position of authority in the West called Muslims "the filthiest people on earth", then what would the glorious umma say to that?

Most productive, mashallah.
B. Unproductive; Islamophobic; racist; infidel; Jooo; JIHAD.

Take your time.



No mention of apostates because they don't exist, remember? Sort of like how Queen Victoria was said to have been asked what she thought of female-homosexuality and she was quite certain that it did not exist.

Josh Scholar

I'm reminded of the story Princess Mariana of Spain who was offered 100 pairs of stockings by local artisans when her procession passed through a town. The lord chamberlain was outraged and proclaimed "A Spanish Queen does not have legs!"

At this, the princess is said to have asked whether her legs were going to be cut off in Madrid.

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