A Little Edgy


Josh Scholar

Having grown up in Sask. Canada, with a mom who's a doctor, I fully support socialized medicine.

But I SOOO wish Mr. Moore had kept his mouth shut about 9/11 so that he didn't have negative credibility before taking this on.

Now he can't help but do the issue great harm. He's a one man own-goal now.

Josh Scholar

Did you catch this one?

Why do I just know this line isn't going to work when I try it on the sisters? Oh, right no infidels need apply. But it's never gonna work anyway, even if you try it.

Isaac Schrödinger

Yes, I've read it.

The "logic" behind the whole thing is Islamic. I've read questions that deal with this issue in an Urdu magazine. Basically, in large families, women who're nursing take care not to breast-feed their infant nephews / nieces because later they won't have the chance to marry off their daughter / son to him / her.

Josh Scholar

Someone had a quote that it didn't count unless the woman breast fed the man more than four times.

Isn't that pushing it a bit there?

Imagine that you had to work with the typing pool.

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