The Jews, Always.

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Muslim Matters:

Well, here’s another relevant subject forall of us living here in the West: for teenagers and young adults especially, there is sooooo much haraam going on around us… we have to struggle with such basic things as food, clothing, and entertainment. There is such a great deal of fitnah that sometimes it can be very hard to resist it all, and some of us even fall into the trap of giving in to Shaytaan and his whispers - may Allah protect us and strengthen us, ameen.

I sold my soul to Shaytaan a long time ago but the rest of you still have a chance! Let's look at "proper" music:

Qur’aan and anasheed (without musical instruments).

That's quite funny. My favorite music composer is A. R. Rahman -- a Muslim -- who is famous for his splendid fusion of Western Classical and Indian sounds. According to Muslim Matters, the umma should not listen to his work.

How about makeup?

For sisters, please keep in mind that we’re only allowed to wear makeup in the home, in front of our mahrams. And y’know, makeup isn’t all that important anyway. One of the amazing benefits of hijaab is that it liberates us from the culture of cosmetic judgement, from people liking us based on our ability to look like Barbie dolls.

Yeah I know. When I look at Canada and Saudi Arabia, the big thing that jumps out is the culture of cosmetic oppression in Canada. It's a mystery how Western women cope with this terrible tyranny...have no fear! The solution is simple. An extra large garbage bag!

Josh Scholar looks at Google images for Shaytaan.

The very first image is this:


They're red and they've got horns but they just don't look evil. They seem to be giving off a sleepy / bored / depressed vibe, really.

Can't believe I sold out to that.


Josh Scholar

And yet Cat Stevens, who famously said that the fatwa on Salmon Rushdie was islamically correct, is back in the music business

Josh Scholar

Speaking of "Shaytaan", it's fun to Google-image that word.

One finds a very very tiny number of Islamic art works (the best one already gone off the server Google">">Google cache) and this

Josh Scholar

slight WTF

Josh Scholar

So the devil is a big muscular Jew in a diaper? Where DO you buy Depends with a hole for the tail anyway?

And what does that Hebrew say? Do you suppose that the author even knows what the Hebrew he put in says? Or maybe he just figures that Hebrew=Jew.

Josh Scholar

And this">">this is funny

The image of the cute little witch logo (she's surrounded by symbols for all of the world's religions) from the "ring to fight religious genocide" shows up as "shaytaan" in that Muslim blog.

I guess she linked to the ring, but called the iframe "shaytaan" betraying her real feelings about religious tolerance. Anyway the page seems to be interactive ajax or something, because I can't look at the source.

Isaac Schrödinger

Do you have Firefox 2?

It allows one to select some text or images and then right-click --> the drop down menu gives the option of "View Selection Source".

Josh Scholar

Right, but that didn't work!

I think the web page was built up in Javascript.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's odd. I went to the same page. Looked at the right sidebar where that little witch logo is, selected that image plus a bit of the area at the top and bottom and then right-clicked and then clicked "View Selection Source".

I can see "div", "class", "ul", "a href" and many other tags.

Then I searched for "Shaytaan" in the source and found one instance of it. It's in the source (src) of an image.

Josh Scholar

For me the source of the image is ""

Josh Scholar

OK, firefox seems confused by Google's frame on top.

If you get rid of that frame then you can get the source of the web page in Firefox 2.

But then it looks like the only "Shaytaan" on that page is a line from a poem far away from the ring code.

So why did google index that image as "shaytaan"?

I figured it out it was Google's image tagging game!!!!!

Google has a game where people play to agree with anonymous other players about the content of pictures.

Google uses the results of this game to tag images!!!

So what this means is that a significant number of players saw the image of the cute little witch girl surrounded by symbols of all religions (representing religious tolerence) and agreed that this was "shaytaan"!!!

Muslim players are skewing google's image search! How funny!

Saul Wall

The big guy under the green Star of David has a second hole in his gray underoos. You can see a tiny flash of red just beneath his tale. He is on all fours. The other guy is dancing naked. I think the artist betrayed more of his psyche than he intended.

I am sure that the real Shaytaan (thought he was called Iblis) looks like Angelina Jolie after being caught unexpectedly in a cold rain on a hot day.

Josh Scholar

Saul, you mean this is Islamic porn? No wonder they outlawed drawing!

The Raccoon

LOL, man, this image is a spoof. The Hebrew writing says "Allah is a mouse" (Allah hoo akhbar, in Hebrew, which sounds very close to allahu akbar).

We Jooz have a weird sense of humor (and we control the world, too) :)

Saul Wall

So it is Hebrew satirical cartoon porn? Man that makes my head spin.

With so many Islamist unintentional self-parody out there, how am I to know when they are being ridiculed and when they are being worthy of ridicule?

And if Allah is a mouse, is his name Farfur? GOOD GOD! He walks the earth! We are all doomed!!! Angelina Jolie, save us!!!

Saul Wall

And yes I know that the actual Angelina Jolie is being used by the UN to make Israel look evil but the Shaytaan Jolie is still worthy of my prayers. Besides, who is not being used by the UN these days?

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