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Lessons From History

Continuing with the theme from the previous post, here's Iraq the Model:

Zawahiri claims al-Qaeda has won and Reid claims America has lost but I see only a war that's still ongoing and I see no victory for al-Qaeda or any other entity. On the contrary I see that al-Qaeda has the shortest stick. We are going through a fierce war and sending more wrong messages could only further complicate an already complicated situation and create more mess that would be exploited by Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia for their own purposes—more iron-fist control on the peoples and treasures of the region and pushing the middle east to crises and confrontations with the world not forgetting spreading their dark, backward ideologies.


The cost of liberating Europe was enormous in blood and treasure and thereafter it took half a century of American military presence to protect Europe's nations from subsequent threats—now if that made sense during a cold war, and it did, then I don't understand why would anyone demand a pullout from Iraq (and maybe later the middle east) when the enemies are using every evil technique, from booby trapped dead animals to hijacked civilian aircrafts to kill us and destroy the human civilization.

Read it all.

A Common Folly

Umar Lee:

Would you rather have a poor Republican nominee that is beatable or the best possible Republican candidate in the event that he wins the general election?

This is a very good question. For me the most important issue in this race is life. That is saving the lives of all of those Iranians and Americans who will be killed if a Republican is elected as the next president which will almost certainly mean war against Iran and if a Democrat is elected this will almost certainly mean there will be no war against Iran. That is the most important issue in this race to me along with Iraq, which in a similar fashion, electing a Republican will mean more chaos and a Democrat will likely mean more peace.

Hogwash. How can any politician deliver "more peace" in this era?

Iranian agents are providing money and weapons for the carnage in Iraq. The Iranian regime is already at war with us. The prudent response would be to provide a little payback. Binding our hards won't lead to peace there. In fact, it'll provide further incentives for the Iranians -- and other totalitarian regimes -- to utilize violence outside their borders.

As for Iraq, a Democrat can take out the troops but that won't be followed by some magical flowering of peace. Quite the contrary, it will signal to the umma that America lost -- and that the Al Qaeda-led Jihadists won.

What would happen after that?

A. These Jihadists retire and live a wholesome existence.

B. The Jihadists accrue prestige among their co-religionists; Arabs flock to the "strong horse"; tyrants crush dissidents throughout the Middle East; Islamists get even petrodollars than before; the Allah-ordained violence is then exported at a more ferocious rate to the West.

In essence, a Democrat will merely get a cruel pause to war like the period between September 1938 and September 1939. Far bloodier battles will resume later.

That's the rub. Most people don't include the hundreds of thousands who'll be killed by the terrorists in their body count arithmetic. That is the cost of packing up and leaving Iraq to the hyenas.

It's quite simple: cowering in front of the Islamists in Iran and the terrorists in Iraq will never buy America and the West any security. Only through their annihilation will we have peace.

Creativity and Initiative Punished

I knew a bright kid in my American high school who was quite good at computer programming. We used to play Quake on the LAN. He once showed me a new map that he had designed. It was an amazing reproduction of our dormitory. I was impressed with his efforts and the end result.

Today that kind of skill could get one suspended from a high school in the United States.

Simpson said that on April 17, the day after the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 dead, Clements High School officials learned a student had been playing Counterstrike, an Internet-based shooting game. The locale of the shootings depicted on this student's game were the hallways of Clements High School.

School district police investigated the report and questioned the student at school and then visited his home. The student's parents gave police permission to search the 12th-grader's room and computer. Simpson said police determined no criminal charges were warranted but that disciplinary action was.

Simpson said because of the violent nature of the game and because the actions had taken place in a computer-generated rendition of the high school, official consider the matter to be very serious.

Think about it: what kind of place is he most familiar with? His house and school. So what if he decides to use one of them in a game? The kid can generate any environment on his home computer. It's no business of the school to go poking around and seeing what he does or doesn't have on his PC. This is an asinine and completely over the top response by the officials at Clement High School.

Also, read the comments especially the one by DMan.

Oh, a tidbit about that dorm map creator: he went on to do a Ph.D.

Supremely Crazy

Mark Steyn:

Islam isn’t interested in winning the debate, it’s interested in winning the real fight – the clash of civilizations, the war, society, culture, the whole magilla. That’s why it doesn’t care about the inherent contradictions of the argument: in the Middle East early in 2002, I lost count of the number of Muslims I met who believed simultaneously (a) that 9/11 was pulled off by the Mossad and (b) that it was a great victory for Islam.

Hey, we've covered that bit here!

From the Shadows

Earth Times via Dhimmi Watch:

Youngsters who renounced Islam have united themselves in a new platform, the Central Committee for Ex-Muslims, reports said Wednesday. Ehsan Jami, one of the founders of the committee and a city council member for the PvdA Labour Party in Leidschendam-Voorburg, a small city near The Hague, said the committee aimed to help other so-called Muslims apostates.

One of their largest expenses will be security.

Too Busy Hating Bush

An interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

Q: Do you feel that people are getting the message you want them to get from your book?
A: I feel that conservatives are getting the message -- and had gotten it before I even started coming to the U.S. I’m having difficulty getting the message to liberals and that has to do with people who are opposed to the Bush administration [...]

BDS has been known to do that.

Link via Jeremayakovka.

Another Storm Gathers

Gates of Vienna: Conversations With Fjordman.

The more I investigate the Great Jihad, the more important Europe seems. The United States military fights on the front lines of the “War on Terror”, but Europeans live on the front lines.

It is an odd fact of history: Europe was the main front in the previous three world wars (WWI, WWII and The Cold War). Now, Europe is shaping up to be the crucial front of the Fourth World War. Though, to be fair to the Europeans, this time the aggressors are not from Europe.

So far Americans and Canadians have been very lucky. They get to see the historical malignancies in real time over there. They have space to prepare and consequently their suffering is far less compared to the European nations. Whether this comforting datum holds true in the age of WMDs remains to be seen.

Vile Creatures

Metroblogging Lahore:

This particular poster at McDonald's made me think if the majority of children in our schools see their teacher as an intimate guide, a humble being or they still fear them due to their horrifying torture tool called the 'Maula Buksh'. Are today's teachers terrific or just the same old terrifying monsters?

I don't have any reason to think that the teachers in Pakistan today are better than those who "taught" kids over a decade ago. The method of instruction is still the same: if the kid hasn't learned, then you haven't beaten him/her enough.

America Can't Be Blamed

Times Online via Clayton Cramer:

Mars is being hit by rapid climate change and it is happening so fast that the red planet could lose its southern ice cap, writes Jonathan Leake.

Scientists from Nasa say that Mars has warmed by about 0.5C since the 1970s. This is similar to the warming experienced on Earth over approximately the same period.

What an uncanny coincidence.

Since there is no known life on Mars it suggests rapid changes in planetary climates could be natural phenomena.


The Good and The Bad

I got a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The first two paragraphs:

This letter refers to your application for permanent residence as a Protected Person.

It has been determined that you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent resident status as a Protected Person.

Yay! That's excellent news. In a little under four months after the hearing and massive amounts of paperwork, I got a beautiful response-

Oh, wait.

To continue processing your application, you [...] are to provide proof that you do not have a criminal record in the United States of America. You are required to obtain police certificates from the states of [...] and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Awww, man.

To do so, it is recommended that you contact your local police station to make arrangements for the most convenient time for them to take your fingerprints. You must take this letter with you along with photo identification. You will require a set of fingerprints for each state identified plus one set to be sent to the FBI.

Have I ever mentioned that I love bureaucracy?

Sharia + Gymnastics

The Apostate, er, flogs Ali Eteraz (rhetorically, of course!).

Read the comments as well. Eteraz replies in one of them:

this is the 2nd time i’ve been disappointed by you, someone who very obviously tries to keep in touch with good intellectual company.

A Muslim being disappointed by a Murtad! What has the world come to.

The Trouble With Islam

Asma Khalid: Why I am not a moderate Muslim.

Moderate" implies that Muslims who are more orthodox are somehow backward and violent.

Somehow? Take a look at Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran.

I recently attended a debate about Western liberalism and Islam at the University of Cambridge where I'm pursuing my master's degree. I expected debaters on one side to present a bigoted laundry list of complaints against Islam and its alleged incompatibility with liberalism, and they did.

Alleged? The top Arab nation with respect to press freedom is Kuwait.

It's ranked 73rd out of 168 countries.

How about economic freedom? The three largest Muslim-majority nations are ranked as 110th (Indonesia), 89th (Pakistan) and 143rd (Bangladesh). That's out of 157 nations.

Somehow, I'm not seeing this alleged flowering of liberalism within Islam.

Later on, Asma talks about a conference where the speaker challenged:

...Mr. bin Laden's violent interpretation of jihad, citing Koranic verses and prophetic narrations. He referred to jihad as any "good action" and recounted a recent conversation with a non-Muslim lawyer who asked if electing a respectable official would be considered jihad. The sheikh answered "yes" because voting for someone who supports the truth and upholds justice is a good action.

That's, by far, the most breathtaking sugarcoating of Jihad I've ever seen. Asma wants to be called an Orthodox Muslim but there is nothing orthodox about that asinine definition of Jihad.

First link via Umar Lee.

Upon re-reading the last excerpt, I realized something: the speaker was very clever with the words he chose. This is what they mean:

  • "the truth" = the Quran.
  • "justice" = sharia.

If we know the real meaning, then it makes perfect sense. The speaker didn't, after all, alter what Jihad means, he simply used a little diplomatic language to fool us. (And I fell for it.)

Don't Make The Mistake Again

Michael Totten:

My colleague Patrick Lasswell and I interviewed on camera Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga Colonel Salahdin Ahmad Ameen in his office in Suleimaniya, Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.

Colonel Salahdin spoke to us about his experience as an anti-Baathist guerilla fighter during Saddam Hussein’s genocidal Anfal Campaign – when 200,000 people were killed and more than 5,000 villages were destroyed. In one fight he recounts for us, 300 Peshmerga beat an entire Iraqi brigade of slave soldiers in battle and suffered only one casualty.

Go there to watch the video. The few words, at the end, which are addressed to the American people should be taken seriously.