A Man Who Was Advocatus Diaboli
Islamic Attitudes


Josh Scholar

Did Atatürk ban scarves or was it some more full dress that he banned.

I agreed with the French banning scarves in schools, but I can't see banning them in public. Maybe the full face and body covering should be banned because they're a security risk...

But I am much more focused on meaningful measures than on symbolic ones.

Monitor schools and mosques for hate speech and inciting violence. That's the real problem, and since the big Mo was full of hatred and incitement, you'll never lack for imams and teachers to throw in jail.

That's the real issue.

Add violence against women, honor killings (including ones done out-of-country), intimidation, gangs, rapes and child abuse and you've got the whole package.

Do that and let them wear whatever little silks they want.

Isaac Schrödinger

I agree.

Wearing a headscarf that is similar to a hat, cap or a toque is not a problem. It's when women (or men, how do we know?) cover their faces with a niqab that we have a security issue.

What I find amusing is the racism charge. There are, for instance, Indonesian, Malaysian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Iranian, Arab, African and white Muslims in Europe.

Which race are the Belgians discriminating against if they do ban headscarves?

Josh Scholar

It's when women (or men, how do we know?) cover their faces with a niqab that we have a security issue.

Michael Jackson was spotted trying to hide in one of those in Dubai.

Funny, if he did his act in one (with the moaning and hip thrusting) he'd be arrested as a whore.

Saul Wall

"Which "race" wears headscarves?"

That would be the non-infidel race.

I share people's concern about the creeping aspect to it (first it's by individual choice, then all Muslim women, then all women who are in regular contact with Muslim men, then all women - notice how there seem to be no Muslim women on "Little Mosque on the Prairie" who choose to go without the hair covering), and I do not agree with completely concealing one's identity. Certain behaviors like wearing masks in public or shooting guns in the air are necessarily banned in regions of the planet where people need to live together with low levels of bloodshed) and if your religion mandates these behaviors there are tents in the desert where such things are less disruptive.

But banning head scarves is a bit much. People do have a right to believe that the oppression they submit themselves to is really empowerment (it is how most human beings get through the day) and the best remedy is to express one's dislike of the trend and argue against it - educate people as to the real reason for it and message behind the custom, not ban it.

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